Hammer BA is a Modular Mallet with Compound Ends for Tackling Different Tasks

 - May 1, 2014
References: behance.net & tuvie
The Hammer BA would do away with the handyman's need for a full set of mallets. Those who have worked with the tool before, at least a handful of times, will recognize that different sorts of heads are required for different undertakings.

Designer Snežana Jeremić has come up with a toolbox must-have that essentially serves as three implements in one. It could help the carpenter, builder or dismantler to accomplish everything from driving nails to breaking unwanted structures. The object is centered around a thick, graspable handle and a solid core head of 1kg. Should the user wish to bulk up the Hammer BA, he can jacket the end with one or two metal casings that weigh 0.5kg each. With all three nested together, the BA offers 2 kilograms of firm hitting surfaces for every job you've got.