In 'Hajwalah,' Drivers Attempt to Ride Cars on Two Wheels

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: petergarritano & wired
Hajwalah is a game for the rich children of United Arab Emirates oil barons. The "sport," which was recently photographed by Peter Garritano, involves getting an SUV up to as high a speed as possible and riding on two wheels while in top gear. While hajwalah's rules are vague, its driving force is for the young drivers to conduct as many daring stunts as possible.

As one might expect, hajwalah is incredibly dangerous. In the 70s, the game was responsible for both pedestrian and driver deaths, ultimately causing the UAE government to crack down on it. But rather than eliminating it entirely, there are now officially sponsored events held at racetracks across the country, with drivers bringing their own souped-up SUVs.