The 'Hair Quartet' Campaign Used Human Hair to Create Instruments

 - Jul 17, 2013
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In an effort to prove how effective Unilever's Cream Silk conditioner is, ad agency JWT created instruments using human hair and used them to launch a campaign entitled 'Hair Quartet.' The bows were used to play a concert in the Philippines in order to showcase the benefits of Cream Silk.

The ad agency commissioned bow manufacturer Paul Goh to create violin bows using human hair conditioned with Cream Silk. Since bows traditionally use horsehair for its strength, using human hair demonstrates how effective Cream Silk is at strengthening hair.

Using the new bows, JWT launched a 240 minute concert for an audience of around 600 people. A popular Philippine-based music group was commissioned to play in one of Manila's busiest malls. Though the quartet played 40 songs, none of the hairs on any of the bows broke.