This Multipurpose Hair and Body Wash Also Keeps Bugs at Bay

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: lessmosquito
In this Incognito Hair & Body Wash, tea tree oil, neem and jojoba are some of the ingredients that help to cleanse and protect. In addition to leaving a consumer feeling more squeaky clean than they were before, this product is also a tool for warding off insects.

Incognito describes this product as an "anti-insect camouflage" that reduces kairomones, or pheromones that are picked up by other species that end up being harmful to the emitter. With rare organic Java citronella as a main ingredient, Incognito promises that users only need a small amount for head-to-toe protection.

In addition to its personal hygiene and insect-repelling properties, the multipurpose product can also be used to discourage dandruff, fungal infections and head lice. As with all of Incognito's products, this one is completely natural.