The Hack Enflitzer 2.0 Brings Fashionable Ruggedness to Groceries

 - May 26, 2013
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Urbanites living in the big city with a love of biking and a distain for cars may soften up to the latter whenever the need for grocery shopping arises; that is, until they get their hands on the Hack Enflitzer 2.0. Instead of feeling like an old fogey wheeling around the classic personal foldable cart, the Hack Enflitzer 2.0 provides a stylish alternative. It replaces the white cage and small wheels with a sleeker metal frame and large wheels. But the biggest update is the tote itself, which is made out of canvas and leather from the Swiss army.

Built from bicycle manufacturers Kemper quality components, the Hack Enflitzer 2.0 is also lightweight and easy to handle.