Haberdashery's 'Dawn to Dusk' Lamps Imitate Sunsets and Sunrises

 - Sep 28, 2018
References: haberdashery & dezeen
Haberdashery is a design studio based in East London and its latest series is a set of lamps entitled 'Dusk to Dawn.' The pieces are designed to imitate the illumination of both sunrises and sunsets in the way that their hues move up and down. The lamps each feature a disc-shaped light, which vertically slides down a black line that is mounted onto a triangular foundation. When it rises up the black stem, the light color emits a low-intensity red color, shining through an orange and warm white tone towards a brighter white light that is meant to imitate the sun at midday.

The movement is controlled simply by hand and the light source is at an off placement when it is at the base foundation of the stem. The flat disc can also be rotated all around at 360 degrees so that it can emit a direct light or a softer light when reflected off the walls.