The Push-Button Palm Pistol for Senior Citizens

 - Dec 5, 2008
References: palmpistol & foxnews
The Palm Pistol by Constitution Arms may look like a type of asthma inhaler, but don't let that fool you: It is an ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) classified pistol specifically designed to make shooting easy for the elderly and physically disabled. 

The Palm Pistol allows for a 9mm bullet to be stored in its chamber. And instead of pulling a trigger with the index finger to release a bullet, the Palm Pistol’s trigger is activated by pressing the thumb button on top. 

This feature will supposedly make it easier for those who have had amputations, arthritis or other physical limitations to aim and fire. In fact, the FDA has already classified it as a Class 1 Medical Device, which means it may be available through insurance and Medicaid programs.

The Palm Pistol website has an extended PDF write-up, and I find the following statement a bit troubling: "Use of the thumb may reduce the likelihood of an accidental discharge due to startling and body alarm reaction (BAR) induced during a high stress encounter with an armed opponent."

"May reduce?" So in other words, they don’t know. 

There are a few other issues that I find problematic about the Palm Pistol too.  It looks like an asthma inhaler. Aren’t there enough accidental deaths amongst children at the hands of guns that look like guns? It is designed for easy shooting, which means a child could easily fire it off. Not to mention the elderly who are in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's and may forget what the heck the Palm Pistol is and does.

I realize that many people feel empowered when they carry around guns and I don’t have a problem with one’s right to bear arms. However, the Palm Pistol seems like a useless product that will do nothing more than provide a false sense of security to some of the most precious people in society--and squeeze even more money out of their already empty pockets.