This Guitar-Shaped Keychain Also Doubles as a USB Flash Drive, the website of the Brando workshop, is offering a wooden guitar keychain that doubles as a USB flash drive. The guitar design is that of a sand colored, 6-string acoustic guitar with fret-board and strings carved into it. Pulling the neck of the guitar away from the body splits the instrument in two and reveals the hidden USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive comes in a range of memory capacities, namely 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. Whatever the chosen memory, the USB flash drive embedded in the guitar keychain has a snug and discreet design that allows it to snugly fit into all USB ports.

The USB 2.0 technology supports 'Plug and Play,' meaning no additional software needs to be installed to start using it. The flash drive supports all commonly used versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux.