Jordan Griska's Grunman Greenhouse Installation Feeds Low Income Families

 - Apr 22, 2012
References: jordangriska & mymodernmet
It's not every day a person will witness a crashed war plane, not to mention one with lush foliage growing inside; the Grunman Greenhouse installation satisfies both in one neat package. Appropriately named, the art installation is made out of a real 45 foot-long Grunman Tracker II Navy combat plane that has been contorted in such a way as to give it the illusion that it has crashed on the streets of Philadelphia.

Created by artist Jordan Griska, the Grunman Greenhouse installation takes a symbol of war and converts it into one of hope. The inside has been completely gutted to accommodate herbs and greens for City Harvest, which feeds low income families in the area. Griska says, "These repurposed finished pieces simultaneously lead the viewer to contemplate the history of ‘the thing’ while changing the function of the object."