This Company Developed a Pollution-Free Way to Grow Fish

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: timberfishtech & fastcoexist
'TimberFish' is a New York-based company that developed a sustainable way to grow fish in controlled environments. Although fish farming is nothing new, the practice is often associated with pollutants that can be damaging to the ecosystem. This company has developed a more sustainable way of growing fish, which does not result in the kind of pollution that is often associated with aquaculture.

TimberFish takes a unique approach to fish farming, which involves combining scientific principles with economic realities. The company uses comprehensive environmental biotechnology in order to grow fish in a contained environment. Unlike other fish farms, TimberFish has devised a way of capturing and concentrating nutrients while degrading organic materials. The process ultimately removes pollutants from the water and leaves behind clean seafood.

The eco-friendly fish farm demonstrates how new technology can be uses to improve the quality of the product being produced without damaging the ecological health of the planet in the process.