'Griflens' Story Beads Blend Real-Life and Online Storytelling

 - Mar 10, 2014
References: griflens & news.utoronto
Toronto start-up Griflens has created a toy that blurs the line between real-world and online play and is sure to capture kids’ imagination in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Griflens are 3D-printed interactive story beads that tell a story that changes depending on which beads are combined, online or offline.

Each physical bead – representing either a character or a storyline -- has a code that can be scanned to create an online counterpart on the Griflens website, Griflens.co. Kids can then choose different combinations of beads online to generate endless storylines.

Kids can even dream up their own physical and online beads. Griflens can create online as well as physical 3D-printed beads using pictures and drawings submitted to them.

The makers say they see Griflens as representing not just a new toy, but a whole new platform that combines the best of the real and virtual worlds.