Grey to Green Adds a Touch of Nature to Urban Areas

 - Feb 17, 2013
References: carolinebrahme & gizmag
Grey to Green is an intriguing design that seeks to add a touch of green to urban areas. Caroline Brahme's cement slabs are purposefully designed with small holes cut into them. The idea behind the holes is that they can be filled with soil and seeds to grow plants. The slabs each feature different designs, with some slabs capable of holding as many as eight plants and some capable of only holding one. Grey to Green slabs sell for $90, although the price is higher for more intricate designs.

Putting plants into sidewalks is a great way to add a touch of greenery to big cities. Many large urban areas around the world already incorporate plants and trees into their sidewalks. Some of Hong Kong's sidewalks feature trees literally planted in the middle of the walkway. Plants such as the ones found in Grey to Green are less intrusive and easier to maintain than trees. Cities of the world, get on this.