Green Lite Motors Vehicle Gets 100 MPG and Makes Commutes Fun

Green Lite Motors out of Oregon is developing a three-wheeled, fully-enclosed, gas-electric hybrid vehicle capable of getting 100 miles per gallon and has been called one of the most promising clean-tech start-ups in the Northwest United States. The company's two-seat, fully enclosed vehicle looks a little odd on the road, and even more strange when it takes a corner. The reason for the odd appearance is that the vehicle ‘leans’ into curves, shifting its frame to maintain maximum stability just like a motorcycle. But when the Green Lite Motors’ car comes to a stop, it automatically stands up straight.

The three-wheeled vehicle is licensed as motorcycle, so commuters can travel in the ‘carpool’ lane even when traveling alone. Not only that, it’s fun to drive and easy to park. When combined with the excellent gas mileage, the Green Lite Motors vehicle is a great choice for in-city commuters as well as those who want to maximize efficiency on longer drives.