Bleach-Hungry Celebs

 - Sep 1, 2007
If you overdo it, the blonde bombshell look can back fire, making you look more like a frizzy-haired, peroxide-crazy bimbo than a classy, sophisticated blonde. It's a tight line to walk, and a look Sky Showbiz couldn't help reporting on.

"They're often said to have more fun than brunettes. But what if the bleach goes bad and you end up looking old beyond your years?"

They compiled a gallery of some famous blondies who went a little too heavy on the peroxide. "Quite tragic, actually, at how washed-out some of these folk look due to their ashen blonde locks."

No kidding. Not only that, but imagine how unsightly their roots will be when it grows back in! You'd think if you could afford your own celebrity stylist, you'd make sure to hire one that helps make you hotter -- after all, these are the people who get paid to be beautiful.

Check out the gallery featuring:
Scarlett Johansson
Gwen Stefani
Jenny McCarthy
Kelly Osbourne
Tara Reid