Yuta Sugiura's Grassffiti Machine Draws Images on Lawns

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: youtube & gizmodo
Yuta Sugiura's 'Grassffiti' machine is a method for drawing large-scale images on conventional lawns of all sizes. The programmable prototype machine can draw rudimentary images on grass.

One of the benefits of the Grassffiti machine is that it doesn't have to actually cut grass in order to make its drawings. Like rubbing one's hand against suede, grass has a noticeably different shade when pushed with or against the grain. The Grassffiti machine either pushes the grass or leaves it undisturbed, creating a very precise image based on whatever the user programmed into it.

It might seem like a gimmick, but Yuta Sugiura's machine could have commercial uses. For instance, the inventor foresees it being used to cheaply create patterns on sports fields or parks' lawns.