Jaime Neely Discusses Gourmet Burgers to Keep You Salivating

 - May 16, 2013
References: youtube
Gourmet burgers do not come cheap, but if you are able to get a taste of one of these delicious patties it will be worth the extra dollars spent. Most of these high-end burgers come from Japan, so be sure to head to the nearest Burger King on your next visit.

Jaime Neely discusses some of the most bizarre gourmet burgers in her latest interview. One burger even includes squid toppings (an ingredient considered an absolute delicacy in some countries). Others have black buns and blue cheese, but don't let these bizarre qualities fool you: they are all top-of-the-line dishes.

Imagine sinking your teeth into one of these gourmet burgers, and it will be hard not to head to the nearest restaurant and order a juicy patty!