The 'Google+ vs Facebook' Infographic Reveals the True Winner

The 'Google+ vs. Facebook' Infographic breaks down the numbers of the top social profile sites.

While Facebook has 845 million users and Google+ only has 100.8 million, Facebook was started in 2004 and Google+ was launched in 2011. It would also appear that mainly men use Google+ while in fact more women use Facebook. The biggest difference between the two is that the average Google+ user spends three minutes a month on the site while the average Facebook user spends 405 minutes. Both sites are used by businesses to promote its brand, but a lot more are using Facebook than Google+. Even though Google+ has the "circles" feature and the ability to hangout virtually, people still continue to be drawn toward Facebook.

The 'Google+ vs. Facebook' Infographic should be viewed by all social media lovers and businesses looking to promote their brand.