The New Google Lens Feature Lets Pet Owners Scan Their Furry Friends

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: digitaltrends & cnet
The newest Google Lens feature gives the augmented reality program the ability to identify pet breeds. The new feature utilizes Google's innovative artificial intelligence, which can already scan and search everyday items and business cards, to determine the breed of cat or dog it is presented with. The new Google Lens feature is already quite accurate and is capable of easily recognizing pet breeds, but it currently only works for either cats or dogs.

This new Google Lens feature comes along with a host of pet-themed updates from Google, including the ability to get the AI to create highlight reels starring user's pets. By using Google AI, the system can easily locate pictures of user's pets and stitch them together into a full album. This system works using machine learning and over time will grow even more adept at analyzing pet photos.

Image Credit: Google