Market Research for Sports Brands and Advertisers

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: trendreports
Can golf influence fashion? Does metropolitan architecture get inspiration from golf course designs? Trend Hunter's Golf Trend Report, filled with over 200 examples of golf research and 23 PRO Trends, provides answers to these questions, along with pertinent insight that can make your brand more preferred among golfing enthusiasts.

In our report, we highlight patterns related to golfing that are permeating other industries. For instance, a popular topic we have tracked is Fitvertising, which outlines how sports, advertising and photography are used to capture consumer attention. Another example is Unlimited 3D, which provides insight into 3D technology and how it's implemented into sports like golf.

Ideal for sports advertisers, athletic brand innovators and broadcasters, our crowd-generated research will keep users informed on the emerging patterns and new opportunities affecting your industry.