The Goldilocks Door by Slamdoors is Too Big, Too Small and Just Right

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: boredpanda & neatorama
The Goldilocks Door may be whimsically named, but the fairy tale influence is more than appropriate. It is a three-in-one entrance that tailors itself to everyone in the household, from little toddlers to big dads. Similar to a Russian nesting doll, the Goldilocks Door offers three different sizes of doors, each nestled in the other.

Created by Slamdoors Ltd., the Goldilocks Door introduces a fun and unexpected element into households. As Neatorama accurately puts it, "One door is too big. The other one is too small. One is juuuust right!" This fun analogy will certainly delight both children and adults. In fact, kids may even feel like they have been given their own little secret door, one that is reserved for them and them only.