The 'Gold Rush' Series Features 19th Century Figures Holding Modern Tech

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: photogrvphy & mymodernmet
Photographer Qingjian Meng's 'Gold Rush' series blends 19th century figures with 21st century technology.

The Gold Rush features 19th century characters using various types of 21st century technology as a blending of eras. The modern technology seems so out of place next to the 19th century costumers and poses. The costumes are made with exquisite detail, but the juxtaposition of attire and accessories is comical. The characters hold objects like a video game controller, an iPad, a drone controller, and are wearing objects like Beats headphones and an Apple Watch.

Meng created the Gold Rush series to "explore the coexistence of two different eras." The whimsical series shows his belief that to create something new, people have to build on the foundations created by their predecessors.