Gold Plated Porsche

 - Aug 15, 2006   Updated: Apr 27 2011
References: gizmag & gushmagazine
The town of Pforzheim in south-west Germany is home to the first Gold-plated Porsche. The steering wheel, door knobs to the car, body and alloy rims, are all gold plated, making the two seater extremely expensive. Nine more Porsche Models will be transformed into jewelery through the same process. Start saving. (GUSH Magazine)

Implications - These badass cars are the ultimate in luxury indulgence, but that is definitely a large part of their appeal. For those who have the staggering wealth required to purchase one of these opulent vehicles, the bragging rights that they entail would certainly be worth the price. You really can't get more gaudy than a supercar that has been decked out like a luxury piece of jewelry.