Unique Berlin Travel

 - Sep 3, 2007   Updated: May 10 2011
References: kart4you.de
As if Berlin weren't fun enough to see by foot or car, the German capital has found an even more thrilling way to enjoy the city -- by GO KART! That's right, you can weave through crazy European traffic, zipping around the streets of Berlin, making your way from one Bratwurst stand to the next! The concept is Wunderbar, ja?

Implications - The go kart idea in Berlin is a unique concept that should inspire the tourism industry to spice things up. The industry is built on selling the city through interesting tours, but most are boring since tourists are simply following a person and a schedule. It's not easy to make tours entertaining due to large groups and language barriers. An interactive, engaging approach can provide vacationers the ultimate experience of exploring the city.