3D Atlas & Constellations in One

 - Nov 13, 2007
References: iwantoneofthose
My fascinating with globes goes back to childhood -- there's something so fascinating about the earth and being able to see the planet we live on a representative, 3D scale. Equally intriguing is astrology. Even cooler than both is this glowing globe that combines the two!

Sure, we've seen globes that light up, but this one is different! Under normal lighting, it looks like a standard classroom globe.

"When it gets dark, a light sensor transforms the globe from a map of the world to a magical and brightly illuminated map of the night sky," IWantOneOfThose.com explains. "It shows 88 constellations all with their common names (far easier to remember), so not only is it fascinating and educational, it also makes a great nightlight."

I realize picture speak louder than words, so I'll stop trying to explain. This is a great educational Christmas gift to fascinate young and old alike.