Glow In The Dark Bubble Bath

 - Sep 9, 2006
Nerd up your bathtub with glow in the dark bubble bath. It probably doesn't cause cancer.

From Latest Buy:
You sink into a warm bath, the scent of vanilla and honey wafts through the air, pleasuring your senses â€" you sip your glass of champagne and bask in the soft glow of the candles. Hang on a didn't light any candles!

Who needs candles? You've got Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath. So much fun you'll want to share it with more than just your rubber ducky.

Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath radiates a soothing soft glow. It's not quite bright enough to read â€" but hey, if all you're interested in is the Da Vinci Code â€" perhaps you'd better save it for a more appropriate night.