Braille Skateboarding Received an Indestructible Deck Design

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: sploid.gizmodo & hypebeast
A while back, a team of boarders who call themselves Braille Skateboarding created a glass skateboard, however, as one might expect, it shattered as soon as one of them stepped foot on it.

Looking to build off its concept, Invizaboard, a skateboarding company, sent the team a fresh version of the glass skateboard -- this time made with bulletproof material. Unlike the highly dangerous model that Braille Skateboarding put together in the past, the bulletproof version is virtually indestructible -- meaning that it can withstand any landing and even be run over by a car.

Although these features are great draws for boarders who've found themselves breaking their decks, the team had to get used to the slippery surface of the sleek design.