Carol Milne Creates Colorful and Crafty Works of Deceptive Art

 - Oct 18, 2014
References: carolmilne & neatorama
The glass knitted sculptures by Carol Milne, an artist based in Seattle, Washington, will play tricks on any person. At first glance they look like the crafty work of a ghost or invisible person. Frozen in mid-air, it is easy to imagine a home haunted by a grandmotherly ghost. Yet the glass knitted sculptures are not made out of typical yarn.

Instead, the glass knitted sculptures are made using a much more complex system. This is Colossal writes, "First, a model of the sculpture is made from wax which is then encased by a refractory mold material that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Next, hot steam is used to melt the wax, leaving behind an empty cavity in the shape of the artwork. Pieces of room temperature glass are then placed inside the mold which is then heated to 1,400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of glass. Afterward, the piece is slowly cooled over a period of several weeks, followed by a careful excavation process, where Milne delicately chips away like an archaeologist to reveal the final piece."