The Giulia Sofa Contrasts Sharply with the Formal Norm of Couches

 - May 16, 2012
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This piece may not have been designed for the most efficient use of space in the majority of households, but such an observation does not detract from the appeal of the Giulia Sofa. The BEPLUSHAVE couch is visually sharp with its striking silhouette and its vivid color, commanding attention within any room. However, this chic multi-seater isn't fit for just any house.

Ideally, such a contemporary item would be strategically placed amid an expansive, clean and minimal interior environment, allowing its pointy extremities to extend unencumbered towards the distant walls. The tapering sides of the BE+have Giulia Sofa/Armchair stretch outward so gradually, suggesting a width beyond its physical contours. You wouldn't want to cramp this couch with side tables, and even if you tried, it would completely overpower them.