The 'Ghost Skateboard' Lets You Cruise Down Streets Like a Phantom

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
Cruising down streets like a silent poltergeist and scaring little children has never been easier with the 'Ghost Skateboard.' Conceived by skateboard brand Sunset, the eerie board was designed to let you effortlessly imitate a ghoul while you're on the go.

The Ghost Skateboard is equipped with a series of unique features to make it seem unearthly. Each of the four wheels glow with a haunting white light so that you emit a creepy aura as you roll along. Mounted on top of the wheels is a transparent polycarbonate body that works to enhance the skateboard's insubstantial appearance.

If you're worried about losing the eerie glow from the wheels, you can put your mind to rest because they're self-charging. The LED wheels get power from spinning. As a result, the skateboard can glow for 100,000 hours before you have to replace the wheels.