Designer Label Tattoos Make Brand Allegiance a Permanent Affair

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: relentlesspr & stylelist
Getting a tattoo of a brand’s logo is the ultimate demonstration of brand devotion. Harley Davidson loyalists have been getting the brand’s tattoos for years, and recently other brands have picked up on this trend.

Perks and economic incentives offered by companies are additional motivators for getting logo tattoos. Dunlap offers free tires to anyone with a "Flying D" tattoo, and certain restaurants and retailers offer discounts to branded customers.

In addition, these tattoos are permanent status symbols. A person with a Lacoste tattoo is demonstrating adherence to the lifestyle and ideals espoused by the brand, while another person with a Nike tattoo is showing they believe in the brand’s "Just do it" slogan.

Getting brand tattoos taps into a sociological phenomenon called social cohesion. Social cohesion refers to developing communities of people who share similar ideas, values, beliefs and norms. Today, brand tattoos are a permanent and physical way to show one’s allegiance to a particular group.

According to Frank About Women, 43% of women say they have fallen in love with a brand. It’d be interesting to see what percent of these women have displayed their love via permanent ink.