Blades Become Artful Decor, Let You Get a Handle on Chopping

 - May 8, 2009
References: bestmadeco
Picked up your fashionable axe yet? If you're going to chop wood, why not do it in style with a polka dot or hot pink striped axe?

"Our axes are hand forged and tempered in Maine by one of America’s oldest axe companies," BestMadeCo says. "The helves (handles) are made of 30" American hardwood and hand painted and polished
in New Jersey. Each axe is hand engraved with our signature X mark. Wood grains are unique to every helve."

In Kentucky, a man is judged by his axe. It’s often misunderstood that a man is judged by his knife. After all, Davy Crockett carried a Bowie knife and he is my hero and the hero of many country lads. Alas, a good Kentuckian is judged by how pretty his axe is. Specifically, how well his axe handle matches his wife/cousin’s Mother’s Day outfit. Trust me on this.