React Architects Build a Peaceful Three-Layered Getaway in Greece

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: & archdaily
The Hug House is an intimate getaway in Greece that overlooks the sea and the Naoussa bay on the island of Paros. The structure consists of two buildings that share a central courtyard and a pool. The biggest challenge for React Architects was adapting the architectural design to the uneven terrain and shielding the house from unfriendly winds.

The entrance is on the highest point between the beautifully textured masonry buttressing walls on the western side. The juxtaposition between the smooth white walls of the boxed resort and the rocky brick facade is stunning.

In addition, this getaway in Greece is sure to give occupants a mindful and emotionally recharging experience as the area does not only entertain a mesmerizing and vast landscape, but is under a special protection order as well.

Photo Credits: George Messaritakis