Gerrel Saunders Illustrates a Series Depicting Golden Lips and Teeth

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: gaksdesigns & artforadults.tumblr
There are few things in life as captivating as gold and the lips of a person you’re attracted to, and Gerrel Saunders knows that all too well. That’s why he has combined those two things to create his latest art series entitled ‘Goldie.’ Comprised of six images and a .gif file demonstrating his process, Saunders imagines lips and teeth as they’d look if they were cast entirely in gold. It’s an exercise in willpower not to kiss the screen while sifting through these images.

Gerrel Saunders rendered ‘Goldie’ using vectors. You can see how he initially sketches the mouths and refines them digitally in his included .gif file. And even though viewers only see the lips and teeth of each individual, the mouths are overtly expressive and beaming with personality.