The Geometry Clock by Mauricio Romano is Stylishly Abstract

 - May 8, 2014
The Geometry Clock happens to embrace a motto of four Ms: minimalist, modern, masculine and mathematical. It is a chic chronograph that, as its name gives away, embraces geometrical shapes to help tell the time. Although this feature gives the Geometry Clock an abstract quality, it is actually a rather basic tweak. It is essentially as though a person wrapped an elastic back around the hands of the clock, although in a much more sophisticated way.

Designed by Mauricio Romano, an industrial designer based in Portland, Oregon, the Geometry Clock was inspired by his synesthesia condition that leads him to make connections between the senses that it normally should not. He writes, "I grew up seeing shapes in the everyday world.[...] To me, shapes represent something more than just form, they can be associated with just about anything."