GekkoGum Can Stick Cameras and Smartphones to Almost Any Surface

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: kickstarter
Though the phenomenon of the selfie isn't going anywhere, GekkoGum offers a convenient and effective way to expand on taking one's own photo.

The obvious problem with selfies is that their angle is basically limited to the length of one's arm, and selfie sticks only expand that range by a few feet. GekkoGum is a rubber compound that sticks to phones and cameras -- sort of like a more versatile and reusable version of sticky tack -- letting amateur photographers get whatever angle they please.

GekkoGum is perfect for both smartphones and small cameras, like GoPros, and can stick to almost any surface, from metal to wood to plastic. And, since the rubber is totally malleable, consumers can adjust their cameras to any direction or orientation without any limitation from hinges or screws (as might be the case with other products.)