Geeks Done Good

 - Dec 31, 2007
References: livedigitally
Silicon Valley bigwigs went out of their way to do good in the San Francisco community yesterday when they volunteered at a local soup kitchen. Cewebrities included people from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Wired Magazine, Mahalo, AdBrite and a lot of other tech companies.

What a fabulous way for people wanting to meet the inspiring people behind these companies. Instead of being limited to web correspondence, people had the opportunity to build their social networks in real life while helping those in need!

"I've gone ahead and registered (and GeeksDoGood and GeeksGivingBack)," Jeremy Toeman wrote on his blog. "I'd like to use it as a place to coordinate future events. Further, I'm hoping it becomes a collective communal effort. I figure if nothing else I can start a blog there, and maybe do a little (shudder) Twittering. Okay, probably not Twittering, but definitely a cool Wordpress theme:If you have any interest in helping out in any way, please get in touch," he said after the event.