Outcast, renegade, outlaw and inventor of the hands-free swing, Shef is the man who created the Gboard.

Like most new concepts, people said the Gboard wasn't possible, and that if it could be done, it would have already happened.

Well, its happened now. After 500 years, the common garden swing has joined our physical revolution. Inspired by skateboarders and Snowboarders, the relativley new found ability to achieve vertical suspension, accompanied by the aerial acrobatics of free runners and break dancers, is another concept that has been proven.

The apparatus allows the rider to control gears, brakes, a springboard, a half pipe and gives him/her freedom of artistic interpretation, giving the rider a unique signature. Although the apparatus looks simple, it's tuned within a particular margin and only has an arc in common with a standard swing.

It had to be perfect to work, and now it is.