GasPods Airfoils Reduce the Drag On Your Car to Save You Some Fuel

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: getpodded & ohgizmo
With gas prices climbing higher and higher, products like Gaspods airfoils can help improve the efficiency of your vehicle, thereby saving you some money. Placing these funny looking bumps on your car will help to improve the aerodynamic coefficient of your car, which will increase its mileage.

American industrial designer Bob Evans created GasPods to reduce the drag on vehicles by "expanding, organizing, and enhancing airflow." By adding ten airfoils to your car, you can reduce drag by five percent, and adding some on the sides of your car as well can increase that percentage to 6.7 percent.

GasPods airfoils come in a selection of stock colors. Ordering GasPods that are painted to match the color of your car increases the price. A little solution to a big problem that keeps growing, GasPods are a great way to skim some dollars and cents off of your gas bill.