The Liquid ASS Spray Realistically Replicates the Scent of Flatulent Odors

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: liquidass & mentalfloss
Offering a foul-scented gas spray is lifestyle and novelty brand Liquid ASS that has put together a scent that realistically replicates the flatulent odors of the body with a series of blended ingredients that are so potent in odor, they can make a smeller's eyes water. The grotesque spray quite unlike anything currently on the market.

Liquid ASS is just as the brand names suggests, a spray designed to give off of the odor of foul scents produced by the body. The brand describes the scent of the product as a "....genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo" with a fragrance so strong it can make consumers gag and tear up. While the spray was first engineered as a prank product for consumers, it is used by the military when simulating and training for emergency medic situations.