Gary Farlow Recreates the Body's Vasculature System from Glass

 - Oct 21, 2012
References: wired
Gary Farlow and his team of 10 other glassblowers at Farlow's Scientific Glassblowing are making intricate glass art out of arteries. These anatomically correct models are made from glass and can be used to simulate blood flow or to teach various medical procedures and tests.

Farlow states, "We do almost every part of the body, it can take a pretty artistic mind to make some of these things." I don't underestimate that statement one bit, as these sculptures are so well done its hard to believe that they are made from scratch. Each artery, capillary and vein is shaped and then fused together, one at a time.

The full-body model can cost anywhere up to $25,000 for science and medical training.