The Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa Uses Repurposed Trees

 - May 20, 2013
References: & inthralld
Created by Japanese architecture firm Hironaka Ogawa, the Garden Tree House located in Kagawa, Japan, incorporates the giant trees that were cut down on the property to make room for the home's expansion.

Instead of throwing away these gorgeous sculptures created perfect and whole by mother nature herself, the architects and designers decided to repurpose them and use them as eye-catching decor elements within the structure. Utilized as giant support beams that branch out elegantly and dramatically, these trees also act as floor-to-ceiling sculptures, enhancing the serenity and beauty within the home environment with their pure simplicity.

The branches of the trees in the Garden Tree House are also useful as beams from which to hang pendant lamps and other decorations for a customized design.