GoodFather from Dr.MOZ

 - Dec 15, 2006
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In the off chance you didn't get the memo, new Dads are expected to do a whole lot more than change the occassional diaper these days. This doesn't mean that your new or soon-to-be dad has any real "baby time" to speak of, so what do you get the new and expecting modern dad on the gift list that will give him a little help along the way?

First of all, you'll want something packed full of baby lessons and dad-centric definitions created for men. We would also recommend a theme that dads love, and something with a little edge to it would help keep him interested as well. If you don't yet have a baby name picked, we might also recommend a collection of approximately 15,000 baby names and useful naming tips. You will also need baby announcements soon, so a gift that would allow your new dad to create customized cards and invitations would be a big bonus as well. It would be nice if this daddy gift was packed in a custom gift box and was both Windows and Macintosh friendly. Are we asking a little too much from a gift? Fortunately, Dr.MOZ has your daddy-o covered with The GoodFather gift CD-ROM for new and expecting dads!

The GoodFather gift CD-ROM is half parenting "how to" and half tongue-in-cheek interactive game that teaches new dads baby skills to a fun gangster parody moden men enjoy. New and soon-to-be fathers are presented with the GoodFather's lighthearted twist on teaching baby lessons created by experienced fathers with out the usual "pink and blue" fluff that bore men to tears. Don't dismiss The GoodFather as just a novelty gift, the parenting lessons are modern, relevant, and edited by licensed nurse-midwives to ensure the topics are medically sound. Visit Dr.MOZ online and see how it is quickly becoming a baby shower trend "you can't refuse".

The GoodFather gift CD-ROM is currently available on (in the USA) and a growing list of baby boutiques, maternity stores, and specialty gift shops around the world!