These Crayons are Carved to Look Like the Game of Thrones Family Houses

 - May 29, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy seller 'CarvedCrayons' has cleverly carved several colorful crayons to look like the different Game of Thrones family houses.

'CarvedCrayons' is known for his ability to intricately carve Crayola crayons into epic works of pop culture art. For this fantasy-themed set, 'CarvedCrayons' has expertly carved multiple colorful crayons into 3D miniature replicas of the Game of Thrones family house crests. Each crayon has been chosen to complement the specific fantasy house's colors. The red crayon looks like the Targaryen three-headed dragon, the blue crayon like the Stark direwolf, the orange crayon like the Tyrell flower and the black crayon like the Tully trout. Each technicolor crayon set comes with nine different Game of Thrones carvings.