In the Game of Thrones Card Game, You Win or You Go Fish

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: etsy
Both the Game of Thrones books and the show have captured audiences. In author George RR Martine’s fantasy world of Westeros, normal story book tropes are bent and the good guys don’t (ever) win. One of the famous lines from the show is "You win or you die." Well, unless your family is actually from Westeros, the worst that can happen with these playing cards is a paper cut. 

This Game of Thrones-themed deck of playing cards bares the image of all the most beloved (and hated) characters form the TV show. Brown staining is used to make the cards look like they are actually as ancient as the civilizations in the show. To add to the fun, the suits of cards have been changed to houses. Clubs are Targaryen, spades are Starks, diamonds are Lannister and hearts are Baratheon