Weltenburger Kloster's Funny Beer Ad Series Shows Historical Celebrations

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: weltenburger.de & adeevee
This funny beer ad series comes from Weltenburger Kloster, one of the world's oldest monastery breweries, showing that it's still alive, kicking and that it has got a great sense of humor.

Beer and celebrations have always gone hand in hand, even since Weltenburger Kloster started brewing beer way back in 1050. These comical ads point out significant moments in history, like Columbus discovering America in 1492, Copernicus theorizing Heliocentrism in 1537 and Beethoven composing his 9th Symphony in 1824. Each of these notable guys rocks a foamy beer moustache on the ads, suggesting that a drink of Weltenburger Kloster was the way these world-changing figures celebrated their achievements.

The humorous ads were developed for Weltenburger Kloster by the Y&R agency in São Paulo, Brazil.