Fungi Mutarium Recycles Wasted Plastic and Creates Edible Treats

 - Dec 11, 2014
References: & dezeen
Fungi Mutarium is the latest invention from Austrian designer, Katharina Unger. Unger uses cultivated edible fungi that digests plastic as it grows, allowing one to safely digest and consume recycled plastic. The Fungi Mutarium incubator was created as a prototype to grow the edible fungi around the plastic, breaking down and digesting the material as it develops. The Oyster Mushroom is the fungi in question.

As the fungus grows in thread-like structures, this allows the waste to be filtered out from the soon-to-be dessert. It can take up to several months before the fungi digests the plastic, so there is a significant amount of time before you chomp down on one of these delicious dessert appetizers.