Lady Bug by Fulop Gabor is Crawling With Critters

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: mymodernmet
If you need some good luck and the "magic beans" you bought from that old man in the market don’t seem to be working, just rub yourself against the Lady Bug by Fulop Gabor.

This statue is coated from head to toe in ladybugs ranging from red to yellow. Don’t worry because the bugs are not alive (this isn’t Fear Factor people). The luck-covered lady appears to have melting hands and her head is tilted downward as if she is looking at herself slowly crumble away; however, whether she's actually looking at it is unknown because she doesn’t have any eyes.

From far away, Fulop Gabor’s Lady Bug statue looks like a human figure made out of candy; however, it’s advised that no one nibble on the artwork because killing a ladybug is bad luck, let alone eating one.