This Compound Fruit Enzyme Packaging is Inspired by Nature

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
The design agency Unidea Bank created an elegant packaging design for a Chinese fruit enzyme beverage called 'Wild Fruit Taihang Shan.' Influenced by childhood memories and elements of nature, the packaging conveys the natural qualities of the drink inside.

The packaging for the fruit enzyme beverage is inspired by a return to pure and natural ingredients harvested directly from the earth. The bottle conveys this message with the use of a stark white bottle decorated with navy blue graphics. The illustrations on the bottle are nothing more than simple outline of fruit, which is meant to give the label a rustic charm that is characteristic of a previous era. The use of an older style of bottle also helps to underscore the drink's rustic qualities.

The charming fruit enzyme packaging demonstrates how simple designs and vintage bottle shapes can be used to convey a product's connection to an earlier time.