KitcheNet's Service Supports Local Farming and Healthy Eating

 - May 3, 2019
KitcheNet is a Chicago-based fruit delivery company who has pledged to make an impact on the local farming community and to promote healthy lifestyles in office environments.

The service brings locally sourced and perfectly ripe fruit to corporate settings. In addition to this, KitcheNet also strives to make an impact by supporting Chicago's underserved communities. For instance, 50 percent of every office fruit delivery goes towards funding fresh pop-up markets and neighborhood corner stores.

The company has built a steady following and a closely knit community since the beginning of its operation. It has racked up 1,600 active weekly office employee subscribers, delivers about 1,000 lbs of fresh fruit to the community monthly, has served over 150 families and has delivered 10,000 lbs of produce to-date.