This Fizzy Ginger Cocktail is Garnished with Pickled Watermelon Rinds

 - Jul 18, 2015
References: seriouseats & seriouseats
What takes a cocktail to the next level is often found in its garnishes that can elevate a fruit cocktail to a new level of taste. This ginger watermelon cocktail plays around with flavor in a new way by expanding outside fresh garnish ingredients.

This artisan fruit cocktail has a bit of prep before beginning to put the drink together. Firstly, the vodka needs to be infused with ginger ideally the night before in a sealed container so that the bitterness of the ginger really saturates the vodka. The longer the mixture is left together, the more potent that fiery ginger taste will be. Add the ginger vodka to a shot of vermouth and top with a skewered piece of watermelon rind that can be made by soaking the peel in salt water overnight. While this cocktail is detailed in the process, it is complex and layered in flavor unlike traditional fruit cocktails.